Monday, 25 January 2016

It's 2016 & Let's Drive Along launches iOS App!

You were awesome and so was 2015. Thanks to you, we neared 10K registrations and heading north consistently. Last year was happening and to tell you, we enjoyed it thoroughly. We want to quickly update you about what happened in 2015 as we welcome 2016.
  • We received a lot of traction through Bangalore Traffic Police in their re-initiated car-pooling campaign in October. You may have noticed in 2014, BTP endorsing us as the sole carpool provider for Namma Bengaluru in its true sense.
  • We were awarded Disruptive Transport Connect Solutions from Facilities Management Worldwide for bringing in innovative, flexible and secure carpooling solutions, at 57th Facilities Management & Corporate Real Estate Conference.
  •  We strive to keep Namma Bengaluru with less traffic snarls, less polluted, that’s our goal. Radio One 94.3 recognized this and awarded us for our service to the city, working towards keeping Bengaluru At Its Best. This charges us to do more, and with you along, we will.
  • We partnered with Fever 104 on ‘Car-pooling Premier League’, get that! Groupies by car-poolers, quizzes and Mad Mornings with quirky RJ Shraddha, you chime in with your carpool buddies and bonding over it. Well, a perfect combination to beat the morning blues and we made going to the office much more interesting and fun for you.
  • As we were an early entrant to carpooling and transport solutions, Delhi Government consulted Let’s Drive Along for its new policy of odd and even numbered cars to ply alternate days on Delhi Roads. We were a part of the “Consultation on the car pool scheme with the pertinent stakeholders” and provided qualitative inputs to the government.

To top that, the awards, the recognition and the extended support that we received from fellow Bengalureans has been a gratifying experience. So to give it back, we have taken a step forward and have released iOS app and what better time than New Year!!

We wish you an interesting 2016 and happy carpooling.

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LDA Team