Monday, 10 November 2014

Let's Drive Along 

When we at Lets Drive Along(LDA) heard the “Swachh Bharath” speech by our PM, we started thinking: What does cleanliness mean? Is it keeping our home neat and tidy? Or is it keeping our neighborhood clean?
Does cleanliness encompass only tangible materials? Does just keeping our neighborhood clean is sufficient? Should we not think beyond cleaning our home or neighborhood?
Let us take the issue locally and talk about “Swacha Bengaluru”. Our city was once called the “Garden City”, but over the years Bengaluru has been stripped from this title. We wonder why? One of the reasons obvious to our eyes is the pile of garbage we see lying around in every corner of the road. Apart from the tangible pile of garbage, the city also has seen a rise in respiratory problems especially among children. What is causing this? Does cleaning of the city ensure the health of our loved ones?
We at LDA believe that cleanliness not only means keeping our home and neighborhood tidy but also our environment tidy! Environment…….. Tidy……….. This is something of a mystery right! Survey shows that the main contributor to air pollution is vehicles (around 42%). To keep the environment tidy, an enormous effort is required to first understand the pros and cons. As far as the pros are concerned, it can be seen only when the cons are eliminated. For example the pros of having healthy children can be seen if the cons of air pollution is eliminated.  Pollution in the air is causing many health hazards and there are two ways in which this problem can be tackled.
  • By making our environment really green
  • By taking out as many vehicles from the road as possible
We play a small role by providing a carpooling platform - LDA which can help in reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Air and noise pollution can be controlled/reduced by reducing the number of cars on the road. We aim at not only stress free commute but also pollution free environment. The depletion of our protective ozone layer due to rise in pollution is a warning signal sent by Mother Nature, urging us to correct our ways. We promote carpooling as a healthier option for both individual and environment.
Please join hands with us in this endeavor and help us to spread this message to as many as possible. Let us dream of a cleaner and healthier “Bharath” and make it happen. If given some thought, reducing pollution is a collaborative effort. Let us help each other and make a difference to our lives and the society we live in. Hence the more people know and use LDA, the more closer we get to a pollution free environment. We join hands with various corporate`s and urge them to see the bigger picture. With us as a vendor, corporate`s begins to benefit by knowing their exact contribution towards greener environment.
We know this is not a change that can come about overnight. And, this is not easy. We also understand, it takes great effort for an individual to opt a car-pool by leaving comforts of driving one’s own car. We are committed to making your car-pooling experience a better by providing innovative, flexible, secure, measurable car-pooling platform exclusively for car-owners. If you have a car: then adopt to LDA, if not then spread the word for pollution free Bengaluru. We urge you to take the first step today! Try LDA:

Be the change you want to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi.

LDA Team

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